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This collection begs the question, “What is Home?”

It isn’t a subject our modern culture has given us a scripted response for.
The answer to this question often takes my conversational partner aback; perhaps searching for words that have been given them on the matter and realizing they haven’t been given any. We might quip, “Where all my stuff is!” only to hear it hanging in the air and doubt it.

Surely home is something so much more. We all have a sense of it; a longing for it. Could it be that we have been given an innate craving for it, built into the very fibre of our souls?

Each original painting is digitally scanned and adjusted so that the print mimics the beautiful color of the original richly saturated artwork. Once the color is perfected, we send to our professional art printers in Philadelphia who have assisted the LME team in selecting premium hahnemühle paper to ensure your print is virtually indistinguishable from its original.

And not to put too fine a point on this-- they are really good prints. Sometimes even Lydia has to double take which is a print and which is an original. 

Please note all prints are unframed.

10" x 14"
16" x 20"
18" x 24" LTD Edition of 50
22" x 30" LTD Edition of 50
30" x 40" LTD Edition of 50

Please allow an additional 7 days for processing on all prints.


Lydia works closely with her fine art printer to develop the best representation of her artwork on paper. All of her original artwork is scanned at a very high resolution and sent to the professionals in Philadelphia for printing on a heavy-weight cotton paper. Once ready, the prints are shipped to Lydia’s Studio for inspection, her signature, and a certificate of authenticity before being carefully packed and shipped directly to you or your framer.