While working as an Interior Designer at an architectural firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, I found time to illustrate the scenes which most inspired me during the day.
I decided to focus on building my eponymous brand as an artist full time in 2015.
My artwork features a strong attention to detail and typically showcases interior and architectural elements throughout my work. My own sunny disposition floods into my art resulting in a joyful body of work. It is often also nostalgic. While I enjoy exploring shapes for what an object is in a perspective, I find that the colors of a memory are most evocative.
Often painted off site in my studio from photographs, my artwork invokes the emotions of the remembered (or sometimes daydreamed) moment.
What is so intriguing about buildings is their reflection of those who inhabit them. Interiors and architecture are what we intentionally surround ourselves with- for both shelter and comfort.

Lydia’s home studio has been in the lush gardens of Greenwich Connecticut, amid the city lights in Philadelphia, under the palms in Palm Beach, the lakes of Maine, the rolling hills Loudoun County in Virginia, and the latest— under the Spanish Moss in Savannah, Georgia. 

Home is where her husband, Brent, and their Cuban kitty cat, Lulu, are. 


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Lydia is accepting a limited number of bookings for 2023. Please reach out for more details regarding booking and available dates.

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