Print of Tenth Presbyterian at Christmas


Special Edition Print:

Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia at Christmas. 

The story behind the print:
Thoughts on Glimpses of a Heavenly Home.

When I went to college, I left home. I tried to go to church on Sundays in school, but I went to a lot of “dead” and empty churches; Cold and chasing after a world that didn’t want them anyway. So I hopped between churches and after hearing of it for years, stumbled into Tenth.
Stepping in- it must have taken my breath away- I was so surprised-it was packed?! And people weren’t just mumbling the words of songs- they were belting the tunes in full confident joy. And the sermon didn’t sound like it was pandering to a crowd- it was strong instructing. There was reverence that I never had experienced before. As I peered around the furthest back column on the side of the church I distinctly remember thinking God was there.

 I scurried in and out of Tenth for a year or two, graduated college, got a job somewhere else, went to other churches and stopped trying not to talk to the other church-goers by arriving late and leaving immediately. When my husband and I got married and I returned to Philadelphia with him- we returned to Tenth.

I didn’t feel like Philadelphia was home- I struggled with feeling very out of place on a regular basis. But when I arrived on a Sunday morning at Tenth, I thought “Philadelphia may not feel like home, but Tenth. Tenth feels like home.”
Our first Christmas Eve service there we barely found a seat- and we smooshed in next to some friendly faces. And they told us that in previous years there used to be a line around the block.

Christmases at Tenth felt like Christmas I had dreamed of! They lit candles that lined the aisles and during silent night- all the lights go off and they sing out loudly “Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!! Christ the Savior is Born! Christ the Savior is born!”

Our minister, Dr. Goligher, mentioned in a sermon once that on Sundays we are joined by angels in our worship of God. He also preached a sermon on longing for a home that we don’t have yet. A longing for our heavenly home.

In a moment I felt I was given a glimpse at heaven. A glimpse of home- real home- a heavenly home.

Each print is digitally scanned and adjusted to mimic the beautiful color of the original richly saturated artwork. Once ready, we send to our  professional art printers in Philadelphia who have assisted the LME team in selecting premium hahnemühle paper to ensure your print is virtually indistinguishable from its original.

And to be honest, they are really good. 

This collection is a limited run, arrives with a small clean border to assist your framer.  

Each print from this collection is signed and numbered by Lydia. 

10" x 14" 

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Lydia works closely with her fine art printer to develop the best representation of her artwork on paper. All of her original artwork is scanned at a very high resolution and sent to the professionals in Philadelphia for printing on a heavy-weight cotton paper. Once ready, the prints are shipped to Lydia’s Studio for inspection, her signature, and a certificate of authenticity before being carefully packed and shipped directly to you or your framer.