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Reflection at Villandry

French Garden Collection

One of the elements that inspires me about the French design instinct is their ability to intellectualize a concept and make it into a design; The idea of Power is displayed in Hercules’ watch over the gardens at Vaux le Vicomte; Control in the pruning of their boxwoods and by diverting rivers and moving towns. While my outward persona is not usually characterized in this way; I contemplate every aspect of life. I over analyze and intellectualize the smallest elements of human interaction, reactions, and nature and color and even breezes. So much so that even I have to roll my eyes at myself; I am no philosopher. But I admire those points when made and I am constantly seeking the truth; however it is expressed.
Each day I wake I am more convinced that the world is bursting with meaning we have dulled our ears to; as though there is a screaming white noise of significance in the very air around us that we shut out so that we can get on with our small tasks.
It’s in this posture that I paint– quickly, so I might capture it.

Each print is digitally scanned and adjusted to mimic the beautiful color of the original richly saturated artwork. Once ready, we send to our  professional art printers in Philadelphia who have assisted the LME team in selecting premium hahnemühle paper to ensure your print is virtually indistinguishable from its original.

And to be honest, they are really good. 

This collection is a limited run, arrives with a small clean border to assist your framer.  

Each print from this collection is signed and numbered by Lydia. 



18" x 24" Ltd Edition of 50

22"x30" Ltd Edition of 50

30"x40" Ltd Edition of 50


Please allow an additional 7 days for processing on all prints.  


Lydia works closely with her fine art printer to develop the best representation of her artwork on paper. All of her original artwork is scanned at a very high resolution and sent to the professionals in Philadelphia for printing on a heavy-weight cotton paper. Once ready, the prints are shipped to Lydia’s Studio for inspection, her signature, and a certificate of authenticity before being carefully packed and shipped directly to you or your framer.