Pears and Magnolias

In the Garden

An unlikely pairing? Perhaps, but beautiful in this floral arrangement. This piece is unconventional and certainly a conversation starter!
The scale and delicate subtle color shifts throughout the piece and is accented by the hand made paper edge on the top and bottom and hand torn side edges. 

This piece begun as a sermon sketch and grew from a 1" square to a full 6.5' wide by 4.5' high watercolor painting. The colors are soft hues of varying greens, yellows, and lavenders. Your eye is drawn to move around the painting from color. Each Magnolia is punctuated with bright color to draw your eye- and the red halos around the pears catch you and throw you back into the cool shadowy color of the Magnolia leaves.


Artwork: 300 lb watercolor paper at 71.5" W x 52" H
Because of it's scale this piece is shipped rolled and is recommended to be framed locally and installed by your framer. Should you have questions about display or other options, please reach out to the LME Team directly!

Original Artwork

Original art is the most valuable; the most sought after; the most desired. At our worst, we have stolen, betrayed, and killed for it. At our best, we have humbly cried before it-and it’s changed our hearts and lives and world view and perspective for the better.

In creating, the artist is imparting herself onto the paper. An artist’s hand in creating the work of art mimics our ultimate creator. In owning the original you’re owning a glimpse of the alpha. Lydia’s artwork is created on French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments and brushes that are all collected in striving to imbue her paintings with a sense of the meaning that sits just beyond our gaze.