Joined to Part no More

Hunt Country


Longing for home is the sense of alienation in where we are and the longing to be in a place where we are known, loved, and where we belong. In my artwork, the rolling hills of Virginia are an analogy for life and death. In this painting, the rolling hills of Sky Meadows are me analogy for heaven. This place is so precious to me and gives us a glimpse into the possibility of what is the future heaven. The convening of the hounds and the riders and horses here is a reunion with those that have gone before us. Virginia gives me a glimpse of what is ahead and what my soul is longing for. The longing for home pulses through us because we are alienated from our heavenly home. A heavenly home that we were created for— a desire which is built into our very soul. On earth we build homes for our physical bodies- but our souls were built for heaven.

" A man's physical hunger does not prove that he will get any bread; he may die of starvation on a raft in the Atlantic. But surely a man's hunger does prove that he comes from a race which repairs its body by eating and inhabits a world where eatable substances exist. In the same desire for Paradise proves that I shall enjoy it, I think it a pretty good indication that such a thing exists and that some men will." -Lewis I hope these ideas course through in all my artwork; they certainly do as I paint.

For me, Virginia is not the real heaven but it is an echo of it.

This original painting has been painted on 300 lb French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments that show off the brilliant color of each location. The paper and the pigment come together to give a truly unique artwork. There is only one of each.

Artwork: 22" x 30" 
Framing: 40" W x 31.5" H 
Expertly framed by Friedman's in Savannah, Georgia. This piece is floated on a natural white matting, the piece is slightly lifted inside the frame to create depth.  This classic gold frame punctuates this fall scene. This gold profile frame has a unique subtle tick mark which shoes consistently around the frame. See photo number three. This elegant frame detail pairs echos the orderly structure of Lydia's equestrian scene. 

Original Artwork

Original art is the most valuable; the most sought after; the most desired. At our worst, we have stolen, betrayed, and killed for it. At our best, we have humbly cried before it-and it’s changed our hearts and lives and world view and perspective for the better.

In creating, the artist is imparting herself onto the paper. An artist’s hand in creating the work of art mimics our ultimate creator. In owning the original you’re owning a glimpse of the alpha. Lydia’s artwork is created on French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments and brushes that are all collected in striving to imbue her paintings with a sense of the meaning that sits just beyond our gaze.