Givenchy's Potager

In the Garden

Givenchy's Potager

Bunny Mellon has been an inspiration to many people; and has been for me as well for some time, but the more I delve into her work, the more inspired I become to paint more. Givenchy dressed Bunny and they became great friends. By all accounts they would be sidetracked down conversations as he was hemming her dresses. When Givenchy bought a chateau he turned to Bunny for guidance on how to approach the gardens. Of course, Bunny brought him to her own gardens and also had him tour the great Virginia gardens of Mont Vernon. The initial design at Mount Vernon was inspired by Venice, which then inspired Bunny, which then inspired Givenchy.

When I was 14 my cousin brought me to France with her. Ever since I've loved France and all it's meant. I love the back and forth between the United States and France- a conversation, a see saw, a swing, a pendulum- of inspiration. There is a shared spirit there that is to be admired. And I love this particular story of the very American Bunny Mellon and her French dressmaker who had continually conversations- meetings of the mind- and were aesthetically and practically so inspired on both sides of the Atlantic. 
This painting portrays Givenchy's Potager in the dazzling afternoon sun. Of course, it has a sparkle of my own imagination in the piece- as the roses climb into your view in the foreground.
This is a painting about friendship and inspiration and is ever an ode to a meeting of the minds.

Artwork: 22" x 30" 
Framing: 31" W x 39" H 

Expertly framed by Friedman's in Savannah, Georgia. This piece is floated on a natural white matting to show off the delicate handmade paper edges. This elegant silver frame features a beaded border and subtle distressing to show off a red antique aesthetic.

Original Artwork

Original art is the most valuable; the most sought after; the most desired. At our worst, we have stolen, betrayed, and killed for it. At our best, we have humbly cried before it-and it’s changed our hearts and lives and world view and perspective for the better.

In creating, the artist is imparting herself onto the paper. An artist’s hand in creating the work of art mimics our ultimate creator. In owning the original you’re owning a glimpse of the alpha. Lydia’s artwork is created on French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments and brushes that are all collected in striving to imbue her paintings with a sense of the meaning that sits just beyond our gaze.