June 6 Flowers
In the Garden Collection

I have always struggled with flowers. Both when it comes to painting them or caring for them. I adore other artist's depictions of single sophisticated blooms against a chic white paper or colorful backgrounds - but my paint brush instincts are too impulsive and crave more variation. I am a maximalist in art display and also in brush strokes it seems. 
While on a walk with my best friends in Virginia it occurred to me to just paint the flowers - bursting with sunshine and color - and fill the paper with the scene! So these paintings have been a long time coming. Years of contemplation of how to accomplish something was suddenly inspired by long walks with friends and the bright colors. The result is a nearly fauvist delight in the colors of a summer garden. 

Each original painted has been painted on 140 lb French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments that show off the brilliant color of each bloom. 


16" x 12"

Original Artwork

Original art is the most valuable; the most sought after; the most desired. At our worst, we have stolen, betrayed, and killed for it. At our best, we have humbly cried before it-and it’s changed our hearts and lives and world view and perspective for the better.

In creating, the artist is imparting herself onto the paper. An artist’s hand in creating the work of art mimics our ultimate creator. In owning the original you’re owning a glimpse of the alpha. Lydia’s artwork is created on French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments and brushes that are all collected in striving to imbue her paintings with a sense of the meaning that sits just beyond our gaze.