The Biltmore



The Americana Collection 

This Collection will explores different aspects of Americana through my eyes. Each month will feature a different theme. A touch of American iconography in this decade. 

According to the Biltmore, in early April you can find “Darwin hybrid tulip varieties beginning to bloom in our Walled Garden and at the Estate Entry. Adding to the estate’s color show are such early-flowering shrubs and trees as forsythia, spirea, magnolia, and cherry.” One of the reasons I have such love for America is in part due to stories like the Vanderbilt’s. The generation of the Gilded Age in America believed that "to whom much is given much is expected." While it’s easy to see how that is displayed materialistically I believe that for the Vanderbilt’s of the Biltmore, their vision was much more philanthropic. From the beginning they built their home as a place that would be open to the public and would sustain many more than just themselves. 

artwork approximately 9” x 12”

Original Artwork

Original art is the most valuable; the most sought after; the most desired. At our worst, we have stolen, betrayed, and killed for it. At our best, we have humbly cried before it-and it’s changed our hearts and lives and world view and perspective for the better.

In creating, the artist is imparting herself onto the paper. An artist’s hand in creating the work of art mimics our ultimate creator. In owning the original you’re owning a glimpse of the alpha. Lydia’s artwork is created on French watercolor paper with a variety of high quality pigments and brushes that are all collected in striving to imbue her paintings with a sense of the meaning that sits just beyond our gaze.