Marble House

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Marble House, Newport RI Series
Lydia Marie Elizabeth Marble House, Newport RI Series

Marble House

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This piece was completed August 2017 as a study for the still upcoming series. It measures 9" x 12" and was painted in watercolor on arches smooth paper. It arrives unframed.

Amid my adventures this summer was a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island, where I meandered the grounds of the Newport mansions gathering fodder for a Newport Series.

After studying these "cottages" in design school, I arrived expecting to collect interiors to paint and have a new favored house among the bunch.
The Marble House, despite its sad story, remains my favorite.

I remember seeing an image of the approach to this house and thinking it was something out of a daydream and immediately "Marble Halls" began playing in my mind.
This was my first stop after my five hour drive, and I was pushed by the breeze up the lane to this exact view.

Nostalgic, but how, I don't know, because I had never been there before. It is just as much a daydream as it looks.

Dimensions 9” x 12” 
Price $45 print [AVAILABLE]
$200 signed original [AVAILABLE]

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