East Lyme, Barn Series

Lydia Marie Elizabeth East Lyme CT Barn Series with American Flag
Lydia Marie Elizabeth East Lyme CT Barn Series with American Flag

East Lyme, Barn Series

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The Connecticut Barn Series showcases barns from Farmington, Southbury, and East Lyme.

This original watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper measuring 11" x 14" and finished with a rough deckled edge and depicts the dairy barn on Dean Street in East Lyme, as it still stands today. This barn style was developed in the early twentieth century by agricultural engineers to best suit dairy farming needs.  It is a two and a half story gable-entry gothic-roof barn, and features a large patriotic American flag across the center,  summery sunlight, and a barely seen golden kitty cat enjoying the cool shade under the full limbs of the old Connecicuit oaks.

When I was living in Connecticut as an adult, driving back roads between stone walls, I surveyed barns in various states, some of them in beautiful working condition, some falling down and others being pulled down. As they disappear from our landscape we lose a touchstone to a golden age of American life; when America was self-sufficient- producing buttons, and wool and paper.  There is a frugal spirit of do-it-yourself that has gone out of style with new wealth and ease. I see glimpses of this old way of life every so often whether it is in a person’s American spirit or as a barn goes whizzing past me on the highway. Old Glory is still inspiring.

Completed June 2017.

Dimensions 11” x 14” 
Price $75 print [AVAILABLE]
signed original [SOLD]


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