Wrap! Partridge & Pear Tree (Green)



Featuring the Partridge in a Pear Tree in sumptuous forest green.
Lydia’s joyful illustrations are now available on buttery smooth and sturdy wrapping paper that feel like a luxury to work with, admire, and unwrap!

Order in either a long delicious matte sheets. Each order includes 3 sheets. A truly unique design that's sure to impress under your tree.

Happy Wrapping!

Matte Sheet measures 20” x 29”

Wrapping Paper sheets may ship separately from other items in your order.

The Joy of Gift Giving 

Whether a gift for yourself or a gift for a loved one, to-do lists, grocery lists, calendars, cards, poetry, or soliloquies... I’ve created these for you after using them for years myself. Now you can shop my artwork and take it with you where ever you go.