Large Scale Harbor View: Hvar, Croatia

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

After my City Series, which were all at petite sizes of 5.5" x 7.7" ish, I wanted to try my hand at a larger scale format.
Most of my commissions range between 8" x 10" to 16" x 20," so my hands are trained to andrefined at this scale, and as I prepare for a grander series which also focuses on American Architecture over the coming summer, I'm interested in adapting my style and sense of detail to a larger format.

I must admit that the petite scale of my City Series really suited me, because it allowed me to labor over the details without the overall painting's completion taking too long.  Each piece taking me only a few sessions to get them perfected.

This 26" x 40" painting took more sessions, and to be entirely honest, I would have liked to do even more details in the distance.  The houses are technically large enough I could paint people in the windows washing laundry, or kitty cats bathing in the sun.  But that wasn't the focus of the painting, and to make it personal for it's purpose, it is void of human forms.

This is a town portrait of the island of Hvar, Croatia, completed for my husband's 32nd Birthday this past week.  It was one of our favorite spots along our tour of the country, and has recently become a hot spot for touring millennials. 
Chyea, I know. We are totes so hip.


Design Crush Tuesday: That Pink Door

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

Yep. That's a thing. It's also this week's design crush.

If you ever find yourself living vicariously through lifestyle bloggers with the best destinations and wardrobes- um, I relate. They travel here and there and take gorgeous photos in the most beautiful places and then they FILL our instagram and pinterest feeds with beauty to get us through those rainy days in far blander locals than the Almafi Coast....

I have recently found it interesting that it seems bloggers are surge to the same spot in different seasons. Last Spring in was Palm Beach Florida and this spring it's Charleston. Sometimes I wonder if like, there are invitations and all these bloggers get together with the town counsel and get paid to make their spot "a thing" and the wonderlust of all non-fashion-bloggers.

Either way, That Pink Door house is totally gorgeous. And while I do not find myself usually drawn to modern architecture, let me be clear: there is a time and a place. And Palm Springs, California is the time and the place. I saw a photo of the house pre-Pink, and wow, what a difference. The white wash and subtle blush tone cause this modern design to really pop and feel VERY well done. Bravo Moises Esquenazi, who is responsible for updating the home.  Rumor has it this house is a vacation rental, in case you're interested.

You can take a girls weekend and go all #Misadventure on them.