Design Crush Tuesday: Tassels!

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in


Suddenly, I've never loved tassels more. On my shoes, on my ears, on my pillows, on my furniture. They are just so cute and can add such a pop of fun color to whatever it is they are adorning.

Originally used on garments as a way to clasp a piece together, tassels have always been used throughout our clothing and interior decor as a way of putting on the finishing touch.  Tassel adornments have been found in Egyptian tombs, Chinese silks, and least surprising of all--France; Louis XIV used tassels to adorn his own clothing.   And in the 1800s tassels were used to adorn footmen, pillows, drapes, and shoes alike. 

They've really never been out of style, but I have really loved how they have come into popularity in a big and colorful way recently in both fashion and interiors.  The color combination and the scale have a huge part to play in how modern a design element feels.

Today, we believe in adornment mostly in moderation. The best way to make an element stand out, is to allow it to do pop.

I love a good pillow pattern and trim combination. It can spruce up almost any interior into the chicest little space.

Here I'm showing a monochromatic Interior scene with bright white tassels.  Somehow in all this heat we are having on the East Coast a monochromatic interior always feels so cool.

White leather tassels with a geometric bright brass hardware adorn a clean-cut dresser in the perfect shade of Payneswick grey.  Paired with a traditional French style mirror and a white out lamp. What better scene to feel so chic and cool on such a hot day?