Design Crush Tuesday: LME Limited Edition Pillow Line (available now!)

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Looking for the best, most unique, prettiest Christmas present ever?!
Look no further! My new, limited edition, bespoke pillow line is available in my shop! Order before December 18th for Christmas delivery!

So not to necessarily toot my own horn here. But this week my OWN Design Crush this week happens to be my OWN design! My new line of pillows! (pictured above with Madda & Co's gorgeous handbag which goes deliciously with my color scheme!)

The Concept
When I began planning the #PHLPopUpShop, I began thinking about decorations in the space and what it would take to make the space feel really welcoming and warm.
I had a long list of items we needed for each area in the space to really amp it up. Floor plans, sketches, sketches over sketches, measurements, mood boards, and floral requirements excreta.
Now, I know this might sound kind of funny to you, but I came to the conclusion that we really needed some gorgeous pillows for the sofa in the space.
These couldn’t be just any pillows.  I knew if I was going to do this, I wanted to do it well. These special pillows had to be my own. They had to be not only really pretty- but kinda gorgeous or the whole thing just wouldn’t work. They had to be feather filled, covered in a luxurious silky covers, and soaked with my watercolor prints. (You may have seen my concept leak picture on instagram, here!)

Because a majority of my artwork is based around Interior Design, it made sense for the pillows to have some connection to furniture and architecture.

I found a resource for printing my own designs on fabric and ordered 12 yards to my mom's house in Virginia!

For the story behind each pattern, see each product page.

The Chippendale Chair in Permanent Rose

Aqueduct Strip in Aqua

The Telljohann Toile in Inky Blue


The Production

The concept here was that if I generated enough interest and sales from this line, then I would consider selling a line of pillows on my website. A test product if you will! Contact me if you’re interested in hearing more or ordering larger quantities.

For this limited edition line, my mother, who comes from a long line of seamstress wizards, kindly allowed me to twist her arm into designing the covers and sewing the whole line. The week before Thanksgiving the dining room was literally covered in my fabric and we had pillows and thread bursting forth from every corner of the room.
Luckily for my mom, for further production I have a workroom ready to handle any number of pillows required in successive orders.
My mom and I went back and forth on knife edging or piping or tassels and finally decided on the perfect design for each pattern.

I may mention, that my mother is no DIYer. She’s entirely legit and her handiwork is comparable to couture production. She has sewn suits, and blazers, skirts, pants, shirts, and couture dresses for me and my dad and brother and husband (This Kelly green dress I wore to the Slater Art Museum opening is the latest (and one of my favorite) new addition to my collection.) The pieces my mother makes for me are among the best in my wardrobe and always receive the ultimate compliments before anyone even knows it’s handmade. Her precision is incredible and these pillows are more beautifully sewn than anything I’ve seen on the shelf.  They are truly bespoke- from watercolor design to final stitches. 

While I have a workroom who is willing to take successive orders, this first line is the ultimate level of handiwork and craft and I loved having my mom help me with this fist line.  I love that it makes these pillows ultra-sumptuous, extra special, and particularly beautiful.

Two of each pattern is available in my shop TODAY! For delivery before Christmas place your order by December 18th.  


Thanks to Kaitlin Chow for all of the beautiful photos she got of us and our pretty product!


Design Crush Tuesday: Tassels!

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Suddenly, I've never loved tassels more. On my shoes, on my ears, on my pillows, on my furniture. They are just so cute and can add such a pop of fun color to whatever it is they are adorning.

Originally used on garments as a way to clasp a piece together, tassels have always been used throughout our clothing and interior decor as a way of putting on the finishing touch.  Tassel adornments have been found in Egyptian tombs, Chinese silks, and least surprising of all--France; Louis XIV used tassels to adorn his own clothing.   And in the 1800s tassels were used to adorn footmen, pillows, drapes, and shoes alike. 

They've really never been out of style, but I have really loved how they have come into popularity in a big and colorful way recently in both fashion and interiors.  The color combination and the scale have a huge part to play in how modern a design element feels.

Today, we believe in adornment mostly in moderation. The best way to make an element stand out, is to allow it to do pop.

I love a good pillow pattern and trim combination. It can spruce up almost any interior into the chicest little space.

Here I'm showing a monochromatic Interior scene with bright white tassels.  Somehow in all this heat we are having on the East Coast a monochromatic interior always feels so cool.

White leather tassels with a geometric bright brass hardware adorn a clean-cut dresser in the perfect shade of Payneswick grey.  Paired with a traditional French style mirror and a white out lamp. What better scene to feel so chic and cool on such a hot day?