Stay Sweet, Vixens

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Some of you may have heard in March that Sweet Briar College was closing it's doors due to "insurmountable financial problems." (This Wall Street Journal article sums it up pretty well.)
As you will understand from this article, the alumni are working very hard to raise enough money to save the school amid all the legal battles.  The board is willing to throw in the towel, but the alumna have always been up for a challenge.
 I am happy to see the Sweet Briar community come together so fervently to save their school.
I have several family Sweet Briar connections, and also attended the school for a short term myself back in the fall of 2007. It's a beautiful campus in the Georgian architectural style that was designed by Ralph Adams Cram and is in a similar style to Dartmouth. 
The graduates that I have known are propelled in a way that is different from other graduates.  This women is a confident and an independent thinker.  She gets the job done with integrity. And isn't integrity what this world needs right now?

Here are the paintings I did for the Saving Sweet Briar Gala that are auctioning online (now) and this weekend at the event.  You may place your bids here on their facebook page or at the event.
Mention Sweet Briar and 50% of your sale will go to Saving Sweet Briar.

Stay Sweet and bid for women's education! #SaveSweetBriar