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Hello, hello! Hellooooo!
This has been the summer of drinking Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Also spiders....
 I feel it has been quite a long stint since my last blithering and rambling blog updating all of you on my latest projects and happenings.  So here 'tis!   

Here's me, gulping down my sugarless latte (yes! Irrelevant fun fact first!! I've stopped taking sugar in my coffee. For those who knew that I took about a 1/2 cup of sugar usually, this has come as a big surprise.  And no, this isn't a 1770s plug against the British tax on sugar, it's pure enjoyment of flavor) and enjoying the first of my exciting news to share.


Lydia Marie Elizabeth featured in Stampington & Company's Artful Blogging Magazine (2).jpg

Danielle, the editor of Stampington & Company's Artful Blogging magazine reached out to me early May for an article for her magazine. I know editors are always looking for fresh content- but this is a huge huge compliment to me. And I'm so flattered to have been selected, approved, and printed!!!

Danielle designed a beautiful eight page spread for my artwork and article, and it is available NOW!!! :)
Throughout the article I detail how blogging has helped me to hone my brand and craft better. 
Guys, this makes three print magazines I've been included in this year; Philly Current, The Knot New Jersey, and now Artful Blogging (which you can purchase through the link!)
  WHAATTT?!?!?! Is this real life?!?! 
YES! It is! Look, look! There I am! Name, artwork, paint brushes, sunglasses and all. And the first spread features two of my favorite pieces.  ( Both pieces sold independly last year.) The left painting was a study of wood paneling with a whimsical "master copy" of a Franz Klein black and white period piece above the mantle, and the second which was an illustration of Ralph Lauren's Fall Winter 2016 collection.  This piece featured the reconstruction of Ralph's New York Polo Bar and all Ralph's gorgeous models (INCLUDING IRISH SETTER MODEL!) posed so elegantly and effortlessly around. 

Lydia Marie Elizabeth featured in Stampington & Company's Artful Blogging Magazine- featuring Franz Klien whimsical master coper and Ralph Lauren Fashion Week Illustra.jpg

Well, I received this copy the minute I walked in after painting the most glamorous wedding of my life at the Barnes Foundation (more on this to come!) and exhausted doesn't really cover it. I was shot. As usual I showed up about three hours early to start capturing the scene.  Once guests are seated and the ceremony starts I'm painting as fast as I can- vigorously splashing color to and fro to capture as much of the most important aspects of the scene in real time.  Half way through the outdoor ceremony the sky just let it all go- the whole thing. I wasn't sure there was going to be anything left. IT POURED. (which, I must pause and say- was kind of awesome. Because everyone was under cover and the rain was all in the background- and the draperies were swaying in the breeze- it was pretty epic. If it was going to rain on your wedding day- you'd want it to rain like this.) Anyway- the string quartet had a moment of panic retreating to the back corner of the site, but I had been aptly placed, and was safe and dry and successfully captured all the spontaneity of the day. 
As I limped back up the street to my apartment, perhaps just a tad damp,  I blissfully opened the cover and fell asleep on our sofa still in wedding live-painter garb at 7 pm. with Lulu somewhere in the mix purring in pride! 


 (fear not, online sales will be available 9.16.17 right here on my website shop!) 
A day and a half later I was traveling up the long, twisty, busy New England coast with my cousin and her one and a half year old to Maine.  The second week we were in Maine, I was in an art show that entirely depleted my allotted pre-sale 2018 Around the World Calendars and several original paintings.  

Lydia Marie Elizabeth, Rangeley Maine 2018 Around the World Calendar pre-sale sells out.jpg

You really can't tell her, but about three hours after this photo- my entire family was busily huddled under my tent as the SKY LET IT ALLLLLLL GO AGAIN and we were in a TORRENTIAL down pour. This time, however, stakes were a little higher as coverage was slighter. SOMEHOW we got all the artwork unharmed to the car. But I was soaked to the bone. 
Where do the spiders come in, you ask? Well, I wish I could ask the same thing. 
Maine. Has a problem this year. With large, disgusting, creepy, spawn-of-Satan spiders. 
So. After the Maine art show, Soaked!!! to the bone, (and humiliatingly entirely see-through!) I climb into the car and there it is. The first offender. A spider weighing about my own weight, just hitchhiking on my skirt. I scream bloody murder and sort of black out or something. A moments later, I came to and the spider was on the other side of the car in multiple pieces. Phew. 
But we had pina coladas that week which made getting caught in the rain a bit better.


Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, Beonne Beronda award 2017, Best New Artist, watercolor 3.jpg
Lydia Marie Elizabeth and beloved Clients the Romanos at the Mystic utdoor Art Festival, 2017.jpg
husband on brand (2).jpg

Husband dressed "on brand!"

Col. David C. Smith (R) with wife, Diana and daughter Lydia Marie Elizabeth, Beonne Beronda award winner at Camp Niantic, Niantic CT..jpg

Fun fact: My dad trained at Camp Niantic early in his Military career, and later funded all the newest buildings from DC when we moved to Virginia. We stayed on base and it was so fun and beautiful.

The very next week, we caravaned down the coast, listening to political talk radio and stopping at all the linen outlet stores along the way, (as one does....) to Mystic, Connecticut. This show is the first two-day show I have been a part of, and it's also one of the oldest juried art show on the East Coast.  To all of my mind, it's a huge deal I got into this show at all. There are several other artists at this show I was in awe of. 

The second morning of the show was the awards breakfast, which I wanted to attend and see all the artists from the event in one place. Being such a big deal show to me, the people who won the awards were of interest to me. My mom came with me out of people watching interest, but my dad and husband stayed with my tent to set up. 
There were first, second, and third place awards for every medium. Watercolor came and went to no surprise to me.  And it was very exciting to see everyone be recognized.

There were a few awards that were given in addition to these, that I was not expecting. And to my SHOCK! MY NAME WAS CALLED!!!!!
No, really. So shocked. I tripped over my chair and nearly cried when they handed me this gorgeous emerald green ribbon. 
The Beonne Boronda Award, the award's namesake photographed here, is for the best new-to-the-show artist.
See all the artist's awards here! 
Thrilled!! doesn't entirely capture it all. But it comes close enough.
Thanks for supporting the artwork that bubbles out of me. Xoxoxoxo

P.S. Spiders Part II. I came home to find that my studio had been taken over my jumping spiders. Omg I know, I know, but calm down. Thanks to Amazon, I got a wonderful spray that's been keeping them in their rightful place: dead.