Part II of AD Home Show featuring Diffa Dinging By Design: Mark D. Sikes

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

Well folks, after a busy long week in New York City at the Architectural Digest Home Show, I am now back in Philadelphia and only somewhat cured of my forever wish to live in the large city.
I think I would have been totally cured had we not been staying with some friends in the adorable West Village area.  But it's just so cute down there.
Anyway! In case you missed my first post featuring Kravet fabrics designed by Kate Spade as part of the DIFFA Dining by Design exhibits, you can read it here.  (The chairs wore dresses.)

I was hardly surprised that Mark D. Sikes was one of my favorite exhibitors. When I heard he was showcasing at this event, I knew he would wind up being one of my favorites.
Always crushin' it with classy taste and a flare for stripes and blue and white. 

Check back tomorrow for the third and last installment of this series! It's my very favorite one of all!