Movin' Up!

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Similar to many of you- this fall is off to an busy start. And one of the many things that has been neglected is my blog here. Poor Blog.

Fall is a much busier time for work.  We have a restaurant renovation in full swing that is looking great! We've brought it from a very traditional Tuscan feel to a very modern Italian atmosphere. We are all very excited to see everything completed. It's a very fun time to be working at the firm.
I can't wait to share some pictures! But I will hold off until the owners open their doors!

Also new and exciting is that I am signing a new lease today! And I am upgrading from my single square foot to MULTIPLE square feet. Also, I have FOUR well constructed beautiful windows in my soon-to-be-bedroom.

A few of you may recall a quick sketch I did of my current bedroom when I was dreaming that it was larger than it is.
As soon as I moved in I stopped dreaming as the bed I had sketched never would have fit in the space or have been as level as I had drawn it.  With a 45 degree angle floor and storm windows are glued shut the past 8 months have been a living experience I did not revel in.  My mother was seriously concerned I was going to fall off the side of the house at the next heavy snow fall.

The space in my quick sketch below is no joke. There is ample room and beautiful windows and a real closet! I found a sunburst mirror that should do the trick in the space.  And while I have a serious crush on navy blue walls  I don't know that I'll be taking the painting plunge. So I'm sticking with some color in the drapes and maybe treating myself to some flowers now and then.
My little Lulu in the corner there; however, is still a figment of my imagination as she is still at home in Virginia keeping my mother company until I can find a home for both of us.  Maybe next fall will bring some changes that will let her come with me. For now, here is to sunburst mirrors and multiple square feet!

New Bedroom.JPG