Design Crush Tuesday: The First Brushstroke; Hallstatt, Austria

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

A whole new year ahead.
I'm still getting used to the idea. It's a funny thing, and I find myself being so fickle. All I ever want sometimes is change and then if something does change.... I'm just not so sure about it.
But today is a day of planning and organization, which I quite enjoy.
Like a piece of watercolor paper before you put the first stroke down. So exciting. Suddenly the color hits the paper and Bang! You're off and things start coming into focus. Each area becoming more detailed and all the colors getting richer and more wonderful.

One of the places on my forever bucket list to visit is Hallstatt Austria. As I was musing through what my inspiration would be for this year, and inevitably past inspirations rolled back to me. These snowy hill tops came into my minds eye. 

Moody Hues and high mountain peeks never fail to breathe new life into me.
May this year bring you as much excitement as a first drop of color onto a canvas. :)