Animal Print

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

I have never really necessarily appreciated animal prints. However, recently- we're talking like the last year- animal prints have grown on me. 
Perhaps it is London Sole's classy shoe collection that has grown on me-- Suddenly I crave a pair of leopard print flats! Instead of color- go animal print.  Or animal print and color! Whatever floats your boat.  Right now, I can handle animal print and solid basics in my wardrobe- don't rush me. I'm a classic kind of girl. Think Kate Middleton, not Kim Kardashian- and yes, there is a huge difference.  (Mmkay great glad we had that talk)

I have always liked cow hide rugs, or cow hide upholstery in modern designs.  But just like most elements in design, when done correctly most things can be stunning.  As far as I have experienced I prefer animal prints in modern designs.  It's just the right kind of juxtaposition for me- the very sleek and modern with the rustic and natural.  I love this kind of design.  I believe- that's why Restoration Hardware is such a big thing right now-- it's the combination of the industrial and the very refined.  This is exactly what makes French Country work. Another look I love.

So here is a Zebra Chair that I adore.  Modern framing and a big animal print!

Zebra chair.JPG