Design Crush Tuesday: That Pink Door

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Yep. That's a thing. It's also this week's design crush.

If you ever find yourself living vicariously through lifestyle bloggers with the best destinations and wardrobes- um, I relate. They travel here and there and take gorgeous photos in the most beautiful places and then they FILL our instagram and pinterest feeds with beauty to get us through those rainy days in far blander locals than the Almafi Coast....

I have recently found it interesting that it seems bloggers are surge to the same spot in different seasons. Last Spring in was Palm Beach Florida and this spring it's Charleston. Sometimes I wonder if like, there are invitations and all these bloggers get together with the town counsel and get paid to make their spot "a thing" and the wonderlust of all non-fashion-bloggers.

Either way, That Pink Door house is totally gorgeous. And while I do not find myself usually drawn to modern architecture, let me be clear: there is a time and a place. And Palm Springs, California is the time and the place. I saw a photo of the house pre-Pink, and wow, what a difference. The white wash and subtle blush tone cause this modern design to really pop and feel VERY well done. Bravo Moises Esquenazi, who is responsible for updating the home.  Rumor has it this house is a vacation rental, in case you're interested.

You can take a girls weekend and go all #Misadventure on them.


Design Crush Tuesday: DIFFA Exhibits

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My first stop at the Architectural Digest Design Show this past weekend was to pop in and get my illustration hand primed as I listened to the panel discussing "Who's Afraid of the Contemporary Art Market?" featuring architect William T. Georgis, art advisor Kim Heirston, and curator Yvonne Force Villareal of Art Production Fund. Moderated by Mayer Rus, West Coast Editor of Architectural Digest.

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Whos Afraid of the Contemporary Art Market Architectural Digest Design Show Panel Illustration at Jenn Air.jpg

I then practically skipped over to the DIFFA exhibit and I think I may have actually squealed when I walked in to the space.
Overall, each designer did such an impressive job of carrying their theme throughout their display, and there were so many that I could have literally spent days just illustrating my favorite aspects of each.
Here are my top favorite exhibits from this year because they were the most immersive experiences.

I did all of these illustrations (for the most part) as I stood in front of the displays and drank in their gorgeous little interior souls. They are therefore not my most precise work and are full of my personal perceived flaws, but I loved the experience and I wanted to show you my impressions as I stood there, in the moment!! They are done with the intention of bringing you into the emotion of the fleeting moment! All these booths were wined and dinned over the weekend and now only live through official photographs and my illustrations. Enjoy!

Eddie Ross totally fed my obsession for garden parties with this gorgeously victorian inspired set!  He draped the greenhouse in the prettiest pinks and reds and filled it with bursts of citrus, lemons, vines,and tassels!!  One of Eddie's many talents is sourcing elements in his designs from thrift stores and mixing new and old. His exhibit was absolutely flawless.
Eddie's design was sponsored by ATGStores and was a ultra chic take on a bohemian English garden in the city.

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Interior Illustration of Eddie Ross booth at the ARchitectural Digest Design Show DIFFA 2017 exhbit (1).PNG

Ever since I was designed hospitality spaces in Connecticut and New York, I've long loved Arteriors stylish pieces.
Their display at DIFFA was fabulous.  The color of the year is greenery-- but basically every shade of green is super in! Gem stone colors are really starting to thrive and this booth pushed it to the best possible outcome.
The dark emerald green walls were stylishly complimented by a black paneled chair rail, which, when the sun shone across on it and hints of a cool violet tone, which gave such a punch to the warm and rich plumb colored upholstered dining chairs that were set off in gold.
Three of Arteriors best selling chandeliers floated above and gave the whole space a feeling of I-never-ever-want-to-leave!
The set was designed as an opulent parlor concept to elicit a mood that is equal parts dark and wondrous.  Rich jewel tones and textures paired with subtle metal finishes like brown nickel and antique brass create and old world vibe that is familiar and at once decidedly modern.


King, nay, emperor! of the immersive experience that captures your attention, Ralph Lauren's booth was really captivating this year. From the architecture of the booth to the grommets on the paneled drapery the whole scene transported it's beholder to the dreamiest villa! My favorite touches were the way the light filtered against the outer walls of the "booth" and the red wrap on the back of one of his dining chairs that perfectly matched the hue of the red poppies at the center of the table.
The booth was designed with support from Visual Comfort & Co  and featured RL's Plage Collection.  The design evokes the spirit of an elegant jet-set resort with white lacquer mixed with natural materials like teak and braided water hyacinth to create an inviting and refined scene set against graphic nautical accents.