Call me a Snow Bird

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I hope this blog post finds you snuggled up on the sofa amid all your favorite people in the whole world drinking hot chocolate in pure bliss.

I write to you from chaos.

The low-down is that my husband is working on a FEMA project in Florida for the next six months, and Lulu and I both thought that the obvious step was that BOTH of us would go down to be with him.
When? you ask? Oh, at the government's beck and call; whom literally gave Brent a solid three day notice that he was leaving.
Where? you say? We don't know yet.
Isn't he already there? or somewhere? Supposedly- but they are "further deploying" him from where ever he is right now.

You know whats ridiculous- that's the simple version of the story. The full story is MUCH longer and convoluted.

All of this to say, our Christmas card looks like this this year. One suit case that made it there- in honor of the luggage that was lost. A kitty cat who hates traveling who has traveled more than any other cat I've known, a portable Christmas tree (a far cry from our 10' Christmas tree last year...) and Brent and I without shoes. The lost luggage held shoes....

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Christmas Card from Florida.jpg

Lulu and I are in transport now with our paint brushes and ribbon to continue painting and begin the first commissions of 2018 in sunny and warm Florida!!!

Get ready, friends, I have BIG plans for 2018.... if I can make it through the last few days of 2017 alive! :) Happiest Christmas darlings!!!


Favorite Christmas Commissions: A Very Southern Wedding

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

Since my last post revolved around all the nostalgia that is New England's landscape, I feel it is only fair to also consider the nostalgia and delicate elements of the southern charm as well.

Meet Chaney Widmer! She is the owner of Mix and Match Design Company and she is also a neighbor of mine. Chaney and I actually have quite a bit in common-- she grew up really close to me in Virginia, is involved with Focus, loves interior design, and happens to also live in the same neighborhood as my husband and I do in Philadelphia! Chaney and her husband, Charlie, celebrated a family wedding in November last year and Chaney commissioned an Architectural portrait of the couple's wedding venue, Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh, North Carolina for Christmas. 

Here are some photos Chaney shared with me from their visit! Chaney is such a southern lady and her husband is a New Englander---Aren't they the cutest!?

I love getting to see what fun and special moments my clients and friends share with me for commissions.
I was also particularly charmed by all the architectural detailing of the home and by the way the trees resonate against the sky.  They are so clear and soft-- even the wind has a little southern drawl as it sways though the soft colors of the greenery.

On my list in 2017 is to do several tree studies throughout the course of the day. To study how the light hits in the morning, afternoon, and evening--and I'm hoping to also compare southern light on Carolina Pines and the summer's northern light on some Connecticut Oak trees.

Here's the final product! Make sure to check out how darling Chaney is and all the fun she is up to on her site- who knows- you maybe just found your match for your next interiors project!