February at Forsyth Park, Savannah

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in



Lydia Marie Elizabeth watercolor of Forsyth Fountain in Savannah Geogria for the 2019 American Road Trip Architectural and interior desk calendar

February. It’s my least favorite time of year to be anywhere above the Mason Dixon line.
Last winter, my husband and I visited Savannah for the first time, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Everywhere has stunning architecture and cascading tree limbs and you get the impression that if you just glance around the corner at the right moment, you might travel back in time without any warning at all. It is a timeless place.

When I decided to do an American Road trip theme for the calendar this year, (which sold out early in January- thanks for shopping! :) ) I knew immediately that both Palm Beach and Savannah had to be included. Savannah over Charleston- partly because it was a new discovery for me, and partly because I felt Savannah might be less expected than Charleston. I’ve also felt I’ve had a personal connection to Savannah since Brent and I spent a full weekend there with my parents last year. We even popped into a church— which we basically chose by covering our eyes and pointing to a list of churches near our hotel- and it was SUCH a wonderful experience. So many people introduced themselves to us, and we even found a couple who used to go to our current church in Philadelphia. It felt like we could just bring our suit cases and hang up our clothes and call the town home. While that’s not what I’m announcing currently, it was nice to find a place that felt so lovely.
Conveniently, we also walked out of the big church doors and rightist the cutest brunch place that had fabulous coffee. I mean, if there is one thing that sells me on a city or town it’s good coffee, good brunch, good sermons, and all of this has to be super cute too- Savannah hits all of this on the nail.

I think one thing I’ve noticed as I’ve really harnessed my life as an artist, is my adoration of high contrast in color. With Savannah’s Spanish Moss all over the city- there are a lot of dark, dark mossy greens and bright white architecture. As we walked up to the Forsyth Fountain, I was reminded of standing in a museum somewhere in the world and looking up at John Singer Sargent’s “In a Medici Villa” painting.
That’s how I wanted to paint the Forsyth Fountain.

Below are some of Sargent’s Fountain paintings, and two of our photos while in Savannah.

I tested out painting the fountain for me LME365 collection (which you can shop here)— I did a quick and impulsive painting of the fountain- and immediately tossed it aside somewhat disdainfully. And as it sat on my desk, I kept looking over at it, and gradually- it became one of my favorite paintings.
Sometimes as an artist you are you'r own toughest critic, but this spontaneous capture of the Forsythe Fountain I began to recognize as one of my “good” pieces. It sold last summer before it ever hit the LME365 collection, but I wanted to share it with you here.


This is the journey of creating the February painting for the calendar. I hope you enjoyed this month’s installment of the process.
If you’d like to shop the artwork from this month either as a print or to purchase the original click the buttons below! By purchasing prints and originals, you enable me to keep painting like this, and continue to be inspired by the sunshine and the way the leaves dance in the breeze.
Happy February!