May in Mykonos

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

The roar of the waves that are at first oppressive and louder than one's inner voice become gradually soothing.  As a person who finds himself in the middle of a city unused to the noise, so too does one visiting the ocean front. Amelia found herself staring mindlessly at the waves, unable to move from their rhythm and hum. 
Only a few weeks before she had been standing in a Starbucks on a busy city corner chatting with a friend 


 “All I need for a trip to Greece are the clothes on my back! ” Her friend had said and they laughed at their coats and gazed listlessly out at the cold and dreary rain. “Well, maybe something slightly more vacation-like” Amelia said looking down at her stilettos. 

The rest of the day Amelia daydreamed about leaving for Greece spontaneously. She rarely did serious things so spontaneously. Sure usually had to run it by at least her mother and father, and aunts and friends before just booking a flight. What if someone wanted to come with her? She’s feel badly if they said it after the fact. But as she arrived home that night and looked at her little empty apartment, realizing that she would turn 30 in just a few short weeks, she made one of those don’t-even-think-about-it-just-buy-the-plane-ticket-and-don’t-look-back kind of movements. She threw off her rain coat and stepped out of her shoes and opened her computer and bought an all inclusive week trip to Greece ticket- for one.  

She checked her bank account and indeed, a huge chunk of money had just left her bank account. It was done. Then she began to think, could she get away with not telling anyone she was going? Probably not, she thought as her phone lit up with her mother’s phone number.  


The weeks that followed involved several shopping sprees for dresses for Greece, sunglasses, sandals, also hats, and scarves, sunscreen, and sleeping pills for the plane. Also- there was a lot of panic.  

But the panic was receding now, as she looked at the water and the windmills. The windmills were what she wanted to see most during this trip. She felt she could stay there in the warmth of the sunshine and watch them all day.