Design Crush Tuesday: White Cane Beds

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth


Happy Tuesday.

I have been so crazy busy lately, I have been considering giving up doing "design Crush Tuesday" and just going back to illustrating my current projects. Because what has happened is that I'm now no longer sharing what I've been doing lately for my clients and flooding my blog with illustrations from my daydreams.

For now, I'm determined to post more about clients.

For THIS Tuesday-- I'm "penning" this from a septa train between meetings and texting my husband about our upcoming Bed shopping trip this weekend.

We are (finally!) getting a new mattress-- which has suddenly thrown us into a hunt to get a new bed.

Naturally, I want the $18,000 white cane bed on 1st Dibs, which would look absolutely beautiful with our other bedroom pieces.... But as soon as I showed it to him he started rambling on about budgets or something and saving for our future children. I forget everything precisely, but the end result is- we are going shopping in person this weekend.


I have pretty strong opinions on what our bed should be. I've decided I want it to be the real deal. Antiques were my first choice- but unfortunately for me, antiques are usually double beds- not the more modern and humane sizes available for married couples these days.


Second option on the list would be a upholstered headboard of some kind in a subtle linen.
And I have been toying with doing something like this crown and canopy for years now, and haven't quite followed through when it came to it. It feels a little princess like. Not sure how my very masculine husband would feel about that. 
Bed frame update to come! For now, would love to hear suggestions of your favorite bed types! Send me pins! Send me pictures and suggestions!!