Design Crush Tuesday: Havana

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth


I have never been to Havana; however, I have been to Cuba. Its beautiful, and I got the worst sunburn I've ever had.

Chanel hosted their resort collection on the Main Street last year, of o recall correctly, and ever since it has been on my mind. Colorful and exuding a vibrancy of spirit that few cities have.  

It is romanticized in my mind (as are most things,) but what a beautiful backdrop it makes. If I were ever to plan a city, it would probably look like Paris.  But if I were to plan a vacation city- it would have to look like Havana. 

Its my daydream vacation spot and I'd hire a pink taxi!

While my current city series is only taking on my darling America, a European city series may be shortly on its heels. Happy Design Crush Tuesday! ;)