Design crush Tuesday: birdcage chairs

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

I think, if I had spirit piece of furniture, I would be a chair. Sometimes. you know, like spirit animal? Perhaps a better way of putting this is, if I had a signature piece of furniture that I specified for everyone, I think it would be a statement chair. Like the birdcage chair. 

Functional and beautiful?1! Obviously wonderful.


I can first remember remarking on this style of chair when I was visiting San Antonio after college. We stayed in the Saint Anthony Hotel right near the river walk, and the lobby was Linnea with these gorgeous bird cage chairs. Beyond their was a beautiful porch for dining and the cutest lobby bar with the most delicious mojitos.  Also, chandeliers.  

So basically it was perfect. Also, grace Kelly stayed there. So, actually my dream for southwestern amenities.  


The birdcage chair is elegant and very relaxing. Not much for conversation when placed beside one another, but they make for a lovely intimate conversation when set facing each other.  

I recommend them in contrasting colors, it's super mod and chic. 

What do you think of this style of chair? Also, I'm dying to hear if you've thought about what piece of furniture best suites you? What's your spirit furniture piece?  

xoxox happy design crush tuesday!