Pretty Pink Vixens!

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Last year I participated in the #SaveSweetBriar effort to help raise money to support Sweet Briar College in Virginia. 
I attended the school for a semester before transferring to Drexel.  I transferred out in order to study Interior Design at Drexel, but had I followed a more traditional liberal arts path, I think SBC would have been such a great fit for my personality.
It's a small school situated beautifully in the Virginian rolling hills that I've become so sentimental about and the architecture is absolutely stunning.

This year I donated two 5" x 7" pink vixen paintings to the auction and they both sold for $285 each. They were two out of twelve paintings in the extensive selection which sold for above their given value.

I am so happy that my paintings are able to help raise money for such a wonderful and dearly loved school.
Here are the pretty vixens themselves and the write up I included with them at the auction.

Can you imagine a cuter or more elegant way to show off your Sweet Briar pride?!

"Surveying the rolling hills of her home, this vixen sits pensively by herself. Always the picture of elegance, she is never caught unaware and she always wears her black elbow gloves no matter the occasion. "

"A bit of a mischievous twinkle in those deep green eyes, their most formal black gloves, and their best pearls on they are prepared for whatever the evening holds."