Fashion Week's Best Runway Design: Chanel f/w 16

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

In case you missed the beginning of this saga, or the middle of this saga and have no idea what we're talking about here.
...and just in case you live under a rock and don't know NYFW occurred this past week....

Here is the third of four Runway Designs I will be showcasing from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016.  They are all brilliant.   


Okay, So this one wasn’t in New York. It was in Paris.  But I felt like we needed to talk about it anyway. 

While I tend to have an affinity for the original designs and vision of Chanel, it’s pretty safe to say that this brand is still killin’ it in the world today. While I was in Paris, the Chanel store at Printemps was the ONLY section with a line nearly out the door just to step foot in their little boutique.  That said, I’m not always a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of Coco Chanel’s classic styles.  But obviously, since Chanel created something that is so entirely timeless, Lagerfeld has showcased how the classicism can carry over into several genres.  It speaks to Coco’s credit that it does it so incredibly well.
That said, I thought the Chanel display in Paris was pretty stellar, myself.  It was clever and really well done. 
Chanel Airlines, I’d love a little glass of champagne to toast you, please!

See Chanel's FW16 Collection Here.

What do you think of this collection?  Are you a fan of the latest Chanel designs? I love the classic Chanel jackets that the line is known for, and overall the use of black and white in the fashion and in the runway design. 

See you early tomorrow morning to find out who the winner of this runway competition is! xoxo