5 Ways to Make your Space Feel Like Home

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

My husband and I recently decided that we will be staying in our Fairmount apartment another year. Rough decision when we were so eager to buy our very own home together, but we felt that it was the right decision considering our situation. 

Thus far we have made our rented apartment feel like home with lots of hand-me-down furniture items from friends and family.  We were reluctant to do anything big in the past, because we were only going to be here one year. Now that we will be here longer, it is definitely time to make some more improvements to make our space more functional and homey.  

Many of my friends are at a similar stage of life than I am, and we are all transitioning into having a real home of our own, instead of a flat from Monday-Friday and then ditching for our parents’ home on the weekends. So it is no wonder that recently, I have been getting a fair amount of questions about home tips.
 I thought I would share some fun ideas to upgrade your space into your home. 
Whether you own your space or are renting, these are great budget friendly ideas to transform your space.

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Window Treatments
Whether you have space for swoon worthy panel drapes, box-valences or roman shades, window treatments provide perhaps the biggest impact on a space.   Drapes are both functional and beautiful provide privacy and style to any space.

My mother made drapes for my roommates and my house in Greenwich from toile fabric my grandmother had.  My husband and I are now using them all over our current rental.
It’s important to know which style is best for your windows, and how to hang them correctly.
We have less space in this apartment that I had in Connecticut, so I just bought this roman shade kit to transform some of our panels into more functional drapes for our space.

Window Treatment Pinterest Inspiration!
  For Panels, For Box Valences, For Panels and Valences, and Roman Shades.

Pretty Pom Pom Shades ready to hang, for something easy and custom.

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There are countless articles on why art is important in various capacities.  Why it is important for your home is that it creates a visual interest and usually is a conversation piece with friends.  Make it something special, and something you know you will love for a long time.
Give it the royal treatment it deserves in a proper frame in a spot where everyone can see it.  

Art isn't just paintings and drawings, though.  It's pottery, carvings, sculpture, and embroidery.  Art takes on so many forms, think outside the box when adorning your home. A marble bust is next on my wish list of art.
Art Pinterest Inspiration.

Art Inspiration!
For something very personal!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Similarly to art, mirrors create an element of interest on your wall beyond the color it is painted.
Great for large and small spaces alike, oversized mirrors reflect light and space.  Go for something elegant and timeless that you can use in future spaces.  Always keep in mind when you’re hanging a mirror what it will be reflecting what is opposite it.  It sounds basic, but it’s important.

Pinterest Inspiration Sunburst, Statement.
For a similar piece...


Your feet will be warmer and your space will be cozier! Rugs are also an excellent way to define space, which is important no matter what kind of space it is and whether it is large or small. Rectangular, square, round, runners—all are good options.  Focus on the larger areas first, and then add to your collection.
My aunt and her husband bought so many oriental rugs once that they started layering them on top of each other. And with my whole family having done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s no wonder I’m obsessed with the traditional red carpets that come from the area.     My father brought me back a daughter’s rug when he was abroad, and it is now defining my husband’s and my dining room table.
Pinterst Inspiration
Something similar.

And lastly, add some foliage or some flowers and host a little dinner party-make some memories! Nothing like friends and family in your space to making it feel like a real home!
I hope these were some helpful tips to creating a home out of a space.  I would love to hear your progress on your own space, or any questions!