Calendars, Twenty-six, and how black is always the new black.

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in

Yesterday was my twenty-sixth birthday, and my website’s third birthday!
Being officially in my mid-twenties, I feel the need to be more sophisticated than ever to draw your attention away from the wrinkles that will inevitably be forming.

I thought it might be fun to share five fast facts about me, and then ask you to play along in the comments below!
1. Age and what city you're in: Twenty-Six in Philadelphia (as illustrated above.)
2. Totally obsessing over: Dark walls with amazing molding. Specifically, black walls. It's so in for 2016. So in, (sorta like my calendar)
3. Your next home accessory: Table lamps
4. If you had a furniture crush what would it be: This year it's an english rolled arm sofa. My husband and I desperately need a sofa.
(My barcart-crush and I were united and are happy and doing well, thanks for asking. )
5. Favorite Fall Beverage: A cup of black tea with cream and sugar.

As a twenty something finding my footwork as an entrepreneur,  I’m falling more and more in love with the black incorporated in everything—from my outfit to my home.
If you’ve never seen Janna Lyon’s New York Apartment and her use of black, I seriously don’t know where you’ve been. It’s been the bees knees since she intentionally used black, and It’s been making waves ever since.  Here's the original article that made it go wham to designers everywhere. 

It was in years and years ago, before this whole white and neutral phase some brands are still stuck in now. Dark colors on walls are always dramatically amazing when done properly. Think scenes from Highclere Castle.

I've been crushing on dark walls for a while, but have onl recently been able to start sketching them! Since I'm a September baby, I made sure that next September's sketch in my calendar hard dark navy blue walls. I would love to spend a Sunday in September in that room!

For my birthday, I decided to do some painting for myself.  I incorprated some black walls into some serene vignettes.  Black walls #onfleek.

Also, I hope you’re following me on twitter and Instagram ANND snapchat Because there's a ton happening and social media is blowing up about it.
Thanks for all the birthday love, specifically those who bought a calendar! BEST birthday present ever! Now everyone else, go buy one too! <3