The big 09: September: Oh, what the Fall holds...

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Hello September!
It is with the greatest pleasure that I sit in La Colombe as I write this September Blog.

Has always been a pretty big month for me, being the month of my birth and all. But since I began this blog and website in 2013, it’s been even bigger, because I have always felt this intense pressure for something big to happen in this month to further the brand.

Well. I don’t feel that pressure this year, because big things have literally been falling into my lap and I couldn’t be more stoked.
The first exciting thing I will let slip for September is I have five artworks on display at the Shankya Yoga Studio in Northern Liberties! I know right. I wish I did Yoga. But since I don’t, I will let my art do some.  Their favorite move is the Hanging on The Wall Pose. Do you know it?
The artwork which focuses on vacation Interiors and Architecture (and a lot of nature because that’s what we love to celebrate in the summer) is featured throughout this blog.

Working Vacation & Art Show:

Let’s recap, shall we? This past August I took my very first, real! “Working Vacation.”
 I was participating in my first Art show in Maine, where my family has vacationed for like, ever!
 I had a ton of commissions and projects towards the end of July, so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare inventory before leaving Philly.

Once the 9,384,043 hour trip was over and we arrived in the wild but far from lonely woods, and the long path to the lake stretched out before as it has every summer for my whole life! I bounded down!
You can only bound down that little slope that is the path, you can’t do anything else. You have to bound.
 “Hello, Maine!” I chirped as I sunk the sides of my feet into the sand in a stop just before the quiet lapping of the lake. I dipped my toes into the sun-soaked glassy water and waded right in smiling at the mountains across the lake.
Again, you have to do this.  You can’t not do this.  
Mmkay, glad we had that talk.

After enjoying it the first afternoon, my mother set up a table and chair for me facing out to beach and the lake and the mountains beyond the furry trees.  Annnddd I worked and worked and worked and worked! in order to have enough paintings to show at the Art Fair.

Happily, the show went quite well and I received honorable mention for my pretty “Le Monsieur Reynald” (which is French for “The Mister Fox.” )

Look how nerdy I look next to that elegant fox.  Can’t believe he’s seen in public with me!  But we are great friends. Guess that’s how true intellectuals are—they see beyond our outward flaws.   So a little about Monsieur Reynald….

Monsieur Reynald traveled to this region of Maine late last year from his native Loire Valley.  He loved the clean air and the mountains so much he never left.  He enjoys  rich heavy bodied wines from Burgundy and moonlit  walks along the lake side beaches this time of year and often quotes Victor Hugo so successfully into his conversations, you think he’s one poetic fox. 
As of August, He was single, ladies.
Email me for inquiries, and I’ll get you his digits

2016 Awaits You:

The hottest item, beyond Le Monsieur Reynald, was my first Interior and Architectural Calendar which goes on sale officially on September 16 as Lydia Marie Elizabeth’s third-year-of-existence celebration!
The calendar features twelve scenes indicative of their respective months focusing on Interior Design and Architecture. 
When it comes to style, I tend to like very clean, preppy interior décor and pretty traditional architecture; and obvi I fall for a lot of the gorgeous trends of the year.  Like gold became popular again a few years ago. I’m still crushing on gold. It’s trendy AND classic. Win, win.

Starting January 2016, along with the dear calendar, you will find the month’s illustration on the blog with some insights into the trends for Interior Design this year.  Buy a calendar on September 16 in my shop and stay tuned!! More exciting announcement to come about this too!

Lydia Marie Elizabeth & Society

So. Since May and moving and becoming my own boss, I’ve felt rather lonesome being the extrovert that I am and I’ve searched for social networks to become involved in.  And as featured in my last post, I got connected by Chrystina from “Notes by Chyrstina” to the PHLBloggers and since I’ve joined there have been many exciting events; but none as exciting as this month!
I’ll be guest blogging for the Lady Project’s debut in Philadelphia, which is a network based out of New England.

***Paragraph omitted due to top secret non-blogable information. Check all other Lydia Marie Elizabeth social media outlets for more information***

So September is super exciting, except for the fact that I turn 26 this year, and will be facing the last 366 (leap year- thank you for the extra day) of my mid-twenties. 
Next year this time, I will be in my late twenties. Ew.

So to console me, buy one of my calendars on my birthday! I gift wrap it in gold flecked paper and tie it up with the supple satin ribbon!