French Riviera Comfort in the Freezing Month of June

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in ,

You know when you're lazily flipping through channels of television at a hotel, because you have nothing else to do, and you stumble across a documentary on the weather channel about that bizarre moment in history when it snowed in July?
Perhaps you are not as avid of a documentary watcher as I am, but I'm sure you've heard of these instances.
Or perhaps you've forgotten that this is actually JUNE we are in. That's right, June is the month that we are supposed to get confused with July because it is so freaking hot.  Not June the month that we get confused with September.

I literally am waking up every morning having to ask myself, "it is JUNE, right!?"
I had to wear a coat out to dinner. FULL ON COAT.
I'm concerned I may never be able to wear my big floppy hat this summer.
These are real concerns.

Our air conditioning is officially off. And while my husband and I put away our pretty new wedding comforter, just the other day-- because it finally started to feel like summer was coming, I had to lug it back out this week.

Our bedding set is by Ralph Lauren and was inspired by the 1930's glamour on the French Riviera.  It is pretty fabulous getting to snuggle under the luxurious pattern. And while I mind that I'm still in sweaters in June, I certainly don't mind getting to use our scrumptious bedding a little while longer.

Take a look at how gorgeous this pattern is. Another reason why everything Ralph Lauren is a personal favorite.

Happy weekend, here's to hoping for the Summer!