Color is Making a Come back: (Our latest DIY and the interior paintings it inspired)

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

It’s official! I’m a DIY-er!!!
I’m kind of proud, because I’m not actually one of those overly ambitious for doing it yourself. My DIY pinterest board has about five pins on it.
But since I love painting on paper, I do also like painting well, almost everything else too!
I’m an avid paint-your-own-walls-in-your-own-space kinda person. This new home is a little different though because the ceilings are 12 feet high.

You might say I started to look for other avenues to influence the space around me.

For the past few weeks we have been deciphering spots for storing and organizing.. And we came to the conclusion that our cabinet space was severely lacking.  This was quite the shock to both of us, as a matter of fact, because our kitchen items had been sparse and far between.  Living several states and hours apart for four years and often traveling, we had, at some point, split one set of silverware between the two of us. 

I’m happy to say we are the proud new owners of a 64 piece set of gorgeous silverware, thanks to our nuptials.  We also now have plates, cups, and goblets, tons of fun new baking dishes and beautiful new pots and pans.  Not to mention these sweet new appliances and cutting boards and pretty canisters and tea sets!

Suddenly, we could not find our counter. 

Every time we went to Ikea we just wound up tired and empty handed waiting for our $1 ice cream cone at the check out. 

While trolling the internet we stumbled upon a piece that was free of charge and that we could bring home immediately.  The only problem was that it was kind of ugly and dirty.  Didn't intimidate me! I had big plans for it!

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but the right color can really wow!
While Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrell all seem to make a  killing on their neutral furniture and greyed out approach to life, I seek more energy from my surroundings. I enjoy mixing the things around me which results in an eclectic style with lots of interest.
While the Eclectic style always seems to go red, I'm ready to make it go turquoise and gold.
Color is making a come-back and I’m stoked! 
I started with our hutch and it exudes a “let’s party” mentality and shows off our pretty every day items so nicely. 
Check out the before and after photos I took!
(Also note my newest furniture crush is posing with my other furniture crush!)





After finishing this china cabinet I felt inspired to paint two interiors which show how to use a little bit of color in your surroundings that goes a little further than just the pillows.

The first sketch is directly inspired by our new hutch and is all set up for a party. 


And the second sketch shows a little more bohemian style life with a hot pink coffee table.

And talk about inspiration! This painting is inspiring me to buy an orange tree! (YUM!)