Favorite Christmas Commissions: Part 3

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Favorite Christmas Commissions: Part 3

The Hampton’s Detailed Perfection

The two commissions below were a gift from a very special team to a very special boss this season.

It is such a pleasure to paint and convey the emotion of a space that is so well designed.   I absolutely love how much light is flooding in through the bright windows of these two rooms.  The shimmer of the blues echoes the waves crashing against the shore outside.  The color of the sand is mimicked in the tones in the furniture, and the art on the wall is as warm and rich as the summer sun beating on your back.

As an Interior Designer, sometimes it’s a tough thing to spend so much time finding all the right elements for a design that is both right for the space and adored by your client.   You spend months finding that perfect something for the space;  whether it is a style of molding, furniture, the width of the staircase, the perfect piece of coral for the coffee table, not that blue, not that blue, but THIS blue.

It’s all in the details, I tell you, and Jen and her team at J. Cohler Mason Design in Manhattan certainly have perfected the details.   You can see it in the textures, the shades, and the undertones of color, the shapes and the negative space, and their attentiveness to location in their design.
All things have come together and provide the perfect refuge from anywhere but right here. 

These paintings are of a project in the Hamptons. The Hamptons heighten the expectation for all things, especially interior design.
 Bravo to Jen and her team for such a beautiful job, and their choice of illustrator this season.

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