Favorite Christmas Commissions: Part Two

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Meet Miss Ferebee Packard Beasley.
Isn’t she the cutest thing you could possibly ever find beneath the hydrangea bushes?

The Darling Christmas Babe Portrait

The day I went to meet Ferebee for preliminary sketching, her mom said we could pick out an outfit together for her portrait.  We chose this blue and white floral dress with her gingham socks.  She was very patient with me as I sketched her, and she smiled perfectly all the time.  We sat together by her crib and she occasionally waved “hello” and “goodbye” to me while she played with her blocks. She’s perfecting her waving skills right now. They’re pretty perfect.

I finished her portrait in my studio whilst listening to my favorite Christmas carols and made sure her momma could whisk it up before the family left for their southern Christmas. 

Tomorrow, I’m sharing two stunning Interior Portraits by a top notch NYC Interior Designer.  Don’t miss them!

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