Christmas is upon us: Jingle Bells, Blue Toile, and Boxwood Wreaths!

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth in ,

Hello! I’m here, under the wrapping paper and ribbon and Christmas cards and Christmas orders and paint and pencils!

And I’m dyinnngggg to share all the beautiful client commissions I’ve gotten—but it doesn’t really seem fair to share someone else’s Christmas card before they send them out? Or share someone else’s Christmas present to the world before their mom sees it.
I’m sharing my own professional and personal Christmas cards here.

This year, being our first year of marriage living in our little apartment with gorgeous windows looking out to the busy Philadelphia streets, it just seemed fitting that our first Christmas card together should be a watercolor painting of our first home together.
We met in Philadelphia and while we spent our dating years all over the East Coast, Philadelphia always held a little special place in our hearts.

And I am also premiering my first annual Lydia Marie Elizabeth Christmas card for my clients.  Want to be my client and get this super special attention??

I’ve been kinda crushin on these chairs ever since they started popping up across my Instagram and pinterest. They look so fragile and beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone ever sitting in them. Do people sit in them??? They look more like sculpture to me. And I love that. I would totally buy a chair sculpture and place my wrapping paper on it ever just so…..

Well, friends! Happy Christmas prepping! Hopefully you’re a lucky duck and can expect one of these designs in your mail box soon!