Kate Spade's Home Collection is Brilliant

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

This past March, adorable lifestyle brand Kate Spade announced that they would be releasing a Home Collection.

Let’s all exclaim together, shall we? “YAAAAYYYYY!!!!”

Kate Spade launched the line this past week at the illustrious High Point Market in North Carolina. High Point is to furniture and Interior Design as is New York Fashion Week is to Fashion Design. (Await a post to come with the scoop on High Point from the view of Philadelphia based Interior Designers!)

Kate Spade’s original press release about her collection stated that this furniture line is an “important step towards [the company’s] vision of becoming a powerful, global, multichannel lifestyle brand."

One of my favorite items from their new collection is the Ellery Sconce.  While many of their pieces are playfully showcasing an abstracted bow in the base of their furniture, (how on brand of them!) this sconce is showcasing a ribbon encrusted in gold that is totally girly, totally sophisticated, all grown up, and completely perfect!

It should not be a surprise that it is my latest lighting crush- to be filed with my other Furniture Crushes.

Sconces have always been my favorite.  While I was studying Residential Design in school, I was over at my now husband’s apartment and fell asleep on his sofa.  At one point, he disturbed me, and I started to talk in my sleep:
                Me: “Do we have a white for that?”
                Him *Confused if I was awake or asleep* “A white for what?”
                Me: “The sconces.”
                Him: “I don’t have any sconces.”
                Me: “Well, you should get some.”

I feel very similarly now, awake and five years later.  If you don’t already have sconces, you should get some. And it should be the Ellery Sconce from Kate Spade.
Go buy prints of these paintings in my shop, and then go check out Kate’s new line!