Snow Storm in Connecticut and Paris in the Spring

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

While the terrifying, life threatening, and historic storm loomed up the East Coast, straight for all the roads I travel daily, with equally life threatening New York drivers on them, I dreamed of my last snow storm in Connecticut. 

I did expect to awake to a white wonderland Monday morning, but, Ah well, I didn't! So, I drove myself to work while the snow calmly fluttered down from the misty sky.  I started calmly, but all the talk on every radio station broadcast in the United States (I'm actually serious, because most of them broadcast in NYC in addition to where ever they are originally broadcast) got me slightly freaked out, and the several people who g-chatted me throughout the few hours I kept myself at the office assured me I'd be best locked inside my own house.
 I hurried home at quick clip of 25 mph. Black ice, you know. (I should perhaps tell you, part of my worry is that I'm a terrible driver in the snow.  I was really hoping to protect both myself and everyone else should I break incorrectly and wind up going the wrong direction down Putnam-- which happened last year.)

So at home I bundled up in a blanket in front of our fireplace doing some work and awaiting Juno to arrive. 
Connecticut officially shut down. There was a ban on driving. They were talking 70 mph winds in New York City.  So, safely at home, I became excited about this historic event. After all, this is probably my last snow storm in New England.
As evening fell, my roommates and I felt compelled to open a bottle of champagne and devour a plate of brownies just as the crux of the storm was to be upon us!

**Dramatic pause**

Juno never came.

Now I realize you probably already know this, because you either live very close to me or watch the news.
Yes.  I'm being dramatic. But I was pretty disappointed.
Now, I did hear that there were areas that were hit pretty hard- Nantucket in particular.  Also, I did just shovel my car out of a substantial amount of snow. My back is killing me- subtly, Juno will be paying me back for slamming him (her?) so unfairly.

I actually had intentions of this blog post being more poetically driven; waxing on about how beautiful a snowy street is. I was in fact attempting to read Lord Byron and John Keats moments before I waltzed out into the midnight air to enjoy the snowflakes and pop the cork off the champagne! 

When I came back inside I wanted to paint something very snowy and cozy; but instead I painted this cute little scene of Paris in the Spring time.

Let's be real; this is where my heart truly lies. In Paris, where all the cafe chairs face the street to watch the passers by, and the flowers are blooming, and the ivy is prettily primed around the windows, and the waiter likes you because you best because you are an American but you are still trying to order in French, and they make a cafe au lait just right.

I have told you many times already about how in all months I dream about Spring. Well, here we are once again. Dreaming about spring. 

So, while you shovel yourself out for the next few days, enjoy this pretty scene and imagine meeting me for a croissant in the chairs closest to the little potted tree.  

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