Roll tide!!

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Bryant Denny Stadium watercolor.jpg

Roll tide, Football season.

As we should all know by now, I happen to dislike football. 
My thoughts at football games are similar to a skit I saw once in which the characters were describing a game like this: "Now that man's kicked the ball... look! That man's caught it.  Now he's passed it to that man...and apparently that's a good thing from all the cheering."

These may actually be my thoughts at the singular football game I went to. Awaiting the end, I huddled in a blanket and begin desperately wishing for astronomically priced powder hot chocolate from a concessions stand.

So, when I received this commission of the Bryant Denny Stadium at University of Alabama from a die-hard fan, Brian, I got a little nervous. "Oh, how different we are, men and women." I thought-- thinking back to my tractor painting. 
Tractors and Stadiums on their walls, I'd so much rather have shoes and chandelier paintings.
Regardless, I thought this painting posed a challenge that I was up for.
And I must say, after painting Alabama's architectural beauty of a stadium, I think I could handle a college football game. I think I'd even root for the right team, and wear red.
This painting required a lot of process work in getting the structure right.  But as I drew in each individual window pane, I really started to enjoy this painting.  
Brian requested several elements which I thought were great touches.  He liked this low perspective looking up towards the building, and the gloaming sky which I think absolutely sets the building off perfectly.

Part of my research for this project was searching hashtags on instagram: #BryantDenny
I also found #rolltide. 
The Bryant Denny stadium is home to the Crimson Tide football team, and "Roll Tide" is the greeting that 'bama fans greet one another with at games.

This means if I ever wind up in the Bryant Denny Stadium some day for a game, I can feign that I fit in for a solid 31 seconds, until they realize I have absolutely no other football vocabulary. 

Perhaps this is the sorrow from going to both a high school and both a college and university where football didn't exist.
Well, we did have a football team. They were a comedy club. Seriously.
But, since I didn't go to a school with a real football team, I've now learned a little lingo thanks to Brian and his love of his Crimson Tide.

Roll tide, ya'll!! Have a great weekend!!!