They're Goin' to the Chapel

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

If you're like me, you will reach or have reached the point in your life where actually all of your friends are getting married. At the same time.
I have nine weddings in the next year. 
Yep, that's right. One less than ten. 
But, trust me, there could not be a more enthusiastic attendee, (other than the bride and groom themselves, I suppose).  
I adore weddings.  Everything about them, all of it. Right down to the last dance, and the wedding album months later. I'm swooning over "her dress! The ring! The way he looked at her in that photo!"

I had a Knot account when I was ten with the groom's name listed as "TBD", and I was designing my wedding dress on every page of my sketch book.

Lace sleeves and blue shoes and a gemstone engagement ring.

I was so ahead of my time, because you know what happened roughly eleven years later???
And Blue shoes were the coolest thing for your something blue.
Oh, also, what's super popular right now for engagement rings? Gemstones. Colored diamonds.

I'm just saying. I should have just been a trendy ten year old wedding planner.  Made my millions early in life and then spent it all on my own wedding.
I used to ask all my friends questions about what they wanted their ring to be, their dress, the colors, the flowers, what the groom should wear.  And if they would let me, we'd do the guest list too!
I had a journal. With pictures and sketches. Great DIYs. And your guest list. 

Anyway, with nine weddings ahead of me, and all the showers and fun proceeding, I have been searching for the perfectly unique stationery to wish these blushing brides a happy day!
I  designed the cards below which are suitable for any wedding related event! Showers, Engagement parties, and weddings alike!

For those of you interested in these cards, they come on beautifully textured, white, environmentally conscious paper cards and matching envelopes.
Take a look and contact me to place an order. 


Lydia Marie Elizabeth Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.jpg