28 Going on 9

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Lydia Marie Elizabeth watercolor nursury tractor Big Green Tractor .jpg

It's nice to see the kid come out in adults sometimes.
This is one of the traits which I find very endearing in my darling significant other.
Since he was a boy he has always been fascinated with tractors. 
He has asked me to paint them before, and the conversation would go something like this, "Is a tractor anything like a ball gown?"


"How about a perfectly designed ergonomic chair, or beautiful window dressings?"

"Then you see why I have no interested in painting it."

Poor guy. 
So this year I decided to go for the element of surprise and go through with painting it for him.  I went to great lengths to research what his favorite tractor was.  It included sneakily writing down an image title he'd showed me once in a book, and texting his brother and straight up asking for the name.
His brother responded that it was a John Deere model R.

Okay, great. I image searched this... There were a bunch of green tractors that all looked the same. 
The painting you see above is a model A.
Now at this point I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I was thinking, "Whatever that means???"

My best guess is that A is so many letters away from R in the alphabet and that I was probably way off. 

Well, folks. I still don't quite know.  Perhaps the venting goes vertical instead of horizontal in the front??

All I know is that this gift rendered the ultimate surprise and I was well rewarded for going through the pains of studying tractors for an evening. 

I do think this peice would have been great in his room as a child though, so now, let it be known to children everywhere that I do commissions of your favorite toys too.  

Stay tuned for something REALLY GIRLY though, I need to clear my system!