Be Mine, Valentine

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Decorations for Valentines Day are well underway. And one of my favorite things to do is peruse the card aisle in search of the MOST outrageous and sickeningly sweet pink card with four layers of lace on it. I would happily spend hours in a good card aisle. 

I will admit, I have not always been a Valentine's Day supporter.  I recall relying my sentiments to my best friend one year, who in turn asked me, "What? How can you not like it? It's all pink and cute and all lovey-dovey" (or something to the same extent). Which was perhaps why I didn't always like it-- I was in denial of how obnoxiously pink, cute, and lovey-dovey my personality really is.  In fact, I've realized upon dating my boyfriend that if he were as overly-romantic as I am it might be a little sickening.

 But I do find Valentine puns particularly endearing-- as I do all pun jokes.  This year, my roommates helped me come up with several little animals puns. "Whale you be my valentine?" "Bee mine!"
"I can't BEAR to be without you."
Look for this animals to come in Valentine's days in the future.  For now, feel all warm and fuzzy with the little sea otter below.

Valentine's commissions accepted!
Happy shopping!

Hand Painted Animal Valentines Day cards.jpg