Christmas Elevation

by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

The Whole Foods near Greenwich Avenue had Christmas trees up for sale before Halloween.
Too early? I think so.

Still, with the premature Christmas festivities and decorations, I was in full Thanksgiving mode when I flew down to Barbados for a wedding this past week.
It was a beautiful wedding, a gorgeous country, and I never wanted to come home.

I can tell you Christmas was the last thing on my mind as the Caribbean lapped at my toes and I dodged sand crabs along the beach.  But the last few days of our stay we did see a lot of Christmas decorations and heard Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer played on the steel drums. (Best rendition ever!)

And even though I was very sad to return to rainy Connecticut I got to decorate the Christmas tree with my roommates the night before last.  And now are blaring Christmas music, planning our first Christmas party together, and wrapping presents.

You are able to buy this Christmas Elevation as a print to hang in your home!


Hand rendered Interior Elevation Christmas tree watercolor christmas tree Interior Design Greenwich CT Leesburg VA.jpg