Lydia Marie Elizabeth is an artist whose focus is on architecture and interiors in watercolor.

Lydia Marie Elizabeth in Fur
Lydia Marie Elizabeth photographed by Alison Dunn Photography in Virginia Dare Dress with Lulu (30).jpg


There was rarely a time when I did not have a pencil or brush in my hand as I grew up.  My parents channeled my efforts into studio art classes throughout my life and into college, both within my schools and specialty classes. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in English. It was at this point I began analyzing my love for interiors and missing my paint brushes.

While working as an Interior Designer at an architectural firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, I  found time to illustrate the scenes which most inspired me during the day. I decided to focus on building my eponymous brand as an artist full time in 2015. My artwork features a strong attention to detail and typically showcases interior and architectural elements throughout my work.  My own sunny disposition floods into my art resulting in a joyful body of work.  It is often also nostalgic. While I enjoy exploring shapes for what an object is in a perspective, I find that the colors of a memory are most evocative.  Often painted off site in my studio from photographs, my artwork invokes the emotions of the remembered (or sometimes daydreamed) moment.   What is so intriguing about buildings is their reflection of those who inhabit them. Interiors and architecture are what we intentionally surround ourselves with- for both shelter and comfort.  Once we are beyond the structure of the building, architecture has the ability to touch on what we like to project about ourselves, and interiors can be a very intimate portrait of a person's inner self.

Lydia is based on the East Coast and works from her home studio. She is currently in Florida painting amongst the Palm trees, where she resides with her husband, Brent, and their Cuban kitty cat, Lulu, who makes several cameos throughout Lydia’s artwork.

Lydia Marie Elizabeth Interior and Arrchitectural illustrator and fine artist painting the Castle Hill inn in Newport.jpg


My name is Katherine Chodaczek and I am a senior at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA. I have always been very passionate about art, even at a young age. I more focused on watercolor as a middle schooler, but in high school I found my love in drawing and illustration. My favorite medium is a combination of Copic Markers and pen. At Conestoga I took four years of Studio art classes, ending this year with AP Studio 4. I knew I wanted to do something in the arts for my career. Next year I will be attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA for film and media studies. I will also be competing for Occidental’s Women’s volleyball team. When I’m not creating, I enjoy writing, watching tv or movies and playing volleyball.